As you update your org chart, don’t forget to add a box for this team member: your marketing agency.

And yes, I said team member. While businesses will often budget for agency spend, they fail to look at their agencies as key partners to integrate into their day-to-day. Without a commitment to treat agencies as a member of the team, these companies lose out on potential loyalty and productivity. The result? Unhappy businesses, unhappy agencies, and a waste of money for both parties.

A report by Advertiser Perception speaks to the challenge of transparency and open communication between both businesses and agencies. Agencies don’t provide transparency around costs, while companies don’t provide key sales and performance data.

We all work best when we have as much information at our fingertips as possible. By taking this approach with your agency, you may see better results. Consider inviting agencies to applicable team meetings, holding quarterly performance reviews, and providing the data they need to do their jobs right. If you are worried about sharing private information, have your agency sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) so they can’t.

Both brands and agencies should work on open and honest communication. This will facilitate transparency and encourage happier brands, happier agencies, and better work. Add them to your 2017 org chart to set the tone with your marketing team.

Both business and agency success is dependent on each other. It’s time to start acting as one team!