A good way to manage uncertainty in the workplace or in life is to beeline it straight towards that which cannot be refuted. For me, that’s numbers and math. cough nerd cough

Early in my marketing career, my finance background guided me towards a marketing analytics role. At the time, analytics were viewed as important, hence my role, but the metrics and findings were not leveraged as much in decision making as it should have been. It wasn’t until my career progressed that I saw a shift in how analytics were used. Marketers from every function - campaign development, design, advertising, content, etc.- began to show interest in understanding their metrics more thoroughly. It was a shift that needed to happen. The analytics role became integrated into campaign development, allowing marketers to optimize their campaigns faster and meet sales expectation with less stress. Further, the constant flow of analytics encouraged certainty and confidence in marketing decisions and direction.

If you are feeling uncertain, dig into your marketing metrics. It can be overwhelming to determine which metrics to measure when first starting out. However, a previous CEO of mine would always remind his teams to bring it back to the basics. The same applies to developing marketing metrics. Start with the basics. Master the basics. Then, and only then, delve further.

My go-to metrics include Marketing Qualified Leads, Opportunities, Wins, etc. I usually start by exporting my historical raw data and dump into a performance tracker. This helps me identify any trends related to time of year or campaign effectiveness.

One last friendly reminder - be consistent in pulling and analyzing your metrics. If you are, you will be one step closer to certainty and confidence in your marketing campaigns.