How to find an agency partner

I recently hosted a webinar on an easier way to hire your next marketing agency that included what to look for:

  1. Transparency in Service Approach: How quickly can they define and outline how to approach the project?
  2. Passion & Proof around Service Approach: Do they believe in what they’re doing and do they have proof their approach works via client case studies?
  3. Responsive: How quick are they to respond? Even if the response is - we’ll get back to you ASAP with an answer. Response time can give you insight into what to expect when you're a client.
  4. Transparency in Pricing Structure: How well have they defined or outlined their pricing structure. This will give you clear insight into their cost management practices, which can impact you and the partnership. Additionally, can they clearly explain the cost-to-value ratio? Actual pricing is less important than an agency’s willingness to be transparent with you about it.

These questions can help you narrow down the list of agencies who will likely partner well with you.

A true partner

When Oodi was still just an idea, we needed to find an agency to help us visualize and outline how the site would work. We were looking for User Experience (UX) services. I went through the typical agency search: looked at directories, spoke to my network, and interviewed agencies based on the above criteria. There was only one, PARTNER... that met our criteria: DefinedLogic. They lived up to the high expectations we had for them from day 1.

In the initial brainstorming session for our first project - UX Strategy - DefinedLogic brought in bright minds from across the company to participate in the session. Their team members (many of whom were executive-level) passionately threw out ideas and considerations for Oodi, our market, and our product. It showed us that they were invested in what we were trying to do and were committed to helping us do it.

We were a startup being treated like an enterprise client. What I would come to know is this: DefinedLogic rolls out the red carpet for all their clients. Each client is special. No matter how small or large, the team is passionate about their client’s goals, invested in finding a solution, and quick to bring on the right team members to make that happen. The combination gives each client the partnership they need to move their business forward.

As for our UX project experience, we went through a fast-paced and well-designed sprint process that helped us tackle major user experience issues that would steer us down the right path. Derek Riddle, Gordon Forsyth, Jim Corcoran, David Yurkanin, and Cory Kazar were all-stars guiding us through this process.

UX sprint
Whiteboarding during our UX sprint

We continue to work with DefinedLogic on Marketing Analytics and Advertising. They have become an extension of Oodi, which is what any true partner should be. I would trust them with any initiative we needed help tackling.

DefinedLogic helps brands of all sizes create and improve their digital presence. Their expertise in core disciplines allows them to deliver immersive experiences that drive business success through customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty. Check out their Oodi Store and see how they can help you with your Marketing Analytics, Persona Development, and Search Engine Marketing.