Refreshing or building your company’s presence on the web needs to start with a review of your brand. Without a true understanding of what your brand image or identify should be, it's impossible to move the needle on your company’s overall image. Consider the scenarios below to determine where you need to start based on your needs.

Start with brand development

Your brand touches everything - your perception, reviews, revenue, hiring, etc. Building a brand that people want to interact with isn’t an easy task but getting the foundation right is your first step. Most companies work internally or hire experts to redevelop their brand. The process usually begins with a thorough review of your current market and target audience. By identifying what makes them tick, you will be able to compile clear messaging and value propositions for your new or exisitng brand. You will also be able to improve your look and feel (including art and typography), overall voice, and more to attract their attention. Then, once you have a strong brand strategy, you can refresh your image across all channels.

Update your web presence

If you already have a good understanding of your brand strategy but haven't applied it to your most visible channels then it's time to get to work on your web design. Most buyers do their own research online before jumping on a sales call so it's important to make sure your new brand strategy is reflected correctly on your website. Web design helps you define how your website should look and function before you jump into the development stage. By defining and then testing your design strategy ahead of time, you’ll save time and headaches during the development phase. Take a look at some packages built by web design agencies to see what the typical process looks like.


If you already have a good idea or actionable prototype of how you want your website to look and function but don't have the in-house development support, then it's time to move on to web development. Development is focused on the execution of your newly branded web design. Most experts will recommend bundling the two together to ensure that your web project goes smoothly, quickly, and cohesively.