Determining Your Goal & Prioritizing Your Efforts

When marketing budget is tight, it's critical to focus your marketing dollars on the campaigns that will drive the results needed to hit goal. Prioritization should always be deliberate and careful based on your goal, whether that's lead generation, brand awareness, or a combination of both.

But before you can prioritize, you need to understand how each advertising method typically effects the bottom line. Check out this beginner's guide to prioritizing your advertising budget infographic to learn more.


Tracking Your Advertising Benchmarks

Once you prioritize, it's critical to track performance to make sure your choices are in fact the right ones. That's the joy of marketing: forever optimize and tweak your efforts or find a partner who can help you do that.

SmartInsights pulled together a great overview of some of the key stats to follow for: Paid Search, PPC, Programmatic, Social, and more.

Oodi also built a simple performance tracker for marketer's to use as well. Access it here to get started: