How society interacts with brands has evolved and in order to compete effectively, brands need to evolve their tactics and messaging to meet those new methods. I had the opportunity to sit down with Josh Roush, Co-founder and Principal at Movetic a couple of weeks ago to talk about the state of branding and here are some of the things he had to say.

Stay Relevant When Cultural, Business, and Technological Shifts Occur

The society we live in is full of shifts - cultural, business, and technological- which oftern occur faster than we realize. If brands aren't paying attention they can easily be left behind. That's where proper branding becomes critical. Branding isn't just about your logo or your messaging but how your company and thus that value is perceived by your target end user whenever and wherever they interact with you.

By tracking and following these shifts, brands can adjust their initiatives to reflect any new norms before your competitors do.

To Prioritize Branding or Lead Generation? What Would Josh Do?

According to Roush, it's important to look at how the brand is performing in order to determine how to invest in branding and/or lead generation; however, incorrect or misguided branding can poorly impact lead generation. Proper branding helps a company align with the overall business strategy and the value that brands use to set themselves apart. Branding can also help prioritize key lead generation initiatives by analyzing where the consumer lives and what they react to. Roush believes that an integrated and effective brand strategy is the foundation to a successful lead generation campaign.

Where to Start

When reinventing your brand, it's essential to get all of your key stakeholders into a room - C-levels, Subject Matter Experts, etc. Define what your goals are (especially revenue) and get alignment on what the brand message is. This will help brands get the investment they need to build a cohesive brand story and strategy.

Perhaps it's time to consider a brand audit...