Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to partner with a wide variety of marketing agencies to build campaigns that not only propelled business growth but also (perhaps selfishly) catapulted my own career. Now, at Oodi, I have the opportunity to partner with these experts in a new way. I get to see the behind the scenes and the inner workings that produce those successful campaigns and really get to know these agencies from all sides. And, as such, I will be sharing a little more about a select few in the upcoming weeks and months.

Today’s spotlight is on RNO1

What do you get when you take the power of results-driven strategy and pair it with disruptive design? Impactful experiences that create long-lasting connections and business growth. This is what the team over at RNO1 excel at. Under the leadership of entrepreneur Michael Gaizutis, they have developed award-winning branding and marketing experiences for startups, lifestyle, and enterprise brands over the past 10 years.

Coined the West Coast Brandmakers, RNO1 is headquartered on the west coast serving clients globally. The innovative energy of the area seeps into the agency’s methodology and output giving clients a taste of Silicon Valley from wherever they are located. RNO1’s client success can primarily be attributed to the agency’s three-pronged approach: Thinking, Creating, and Making.


With every new client, the team launches the thinking phase by diving into research and discovery that fuels the development of a comprehensive strategy based on a client's unique goals. Once the strategy is approved, then and only then, does RNO1 move forward to the creating phase.


Creating is more than just design development to RNO1. By using data and discovery, the RNO1 team crafts meaningful and memorable solutions that are set up for success before creation even begins.


With a thorough strategy and design plan in place, making is where the adaptive development happens. The agile approach allows RNO1 to evolve and change to brand and client needs.

From my personal experience working with Michael and team, RNO1 is attentive, creative, and forward-thinking. The biggest impression that the team has made on me is their genuine commitment to building those long-lasting connections “on and off the clock”, which is clearly visible on any one of RNO1’s digital channels. They offer a variety of digital marketing services from branding and content development to search engine marketing and web design. Check out RNO1’s store to learn more about their service offerings, previous clients, and case studies at