Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work for some great leaders but there is one in particular that will always stick out for one very important reason - she invested in my education.

I was an entry-level marketing professional at the time and she was the new Marketing Director with an extensive background in marketing leadership and excellence. She was tough but fair and held high expectations for her team. She tested my skillset by requesting marketing tasks that I had never done before. She shared new marketing terms and techniques on a regular basis. Often my colleagues and I would leave a meeting with a list of items to Google. She’d encourage me to go to trade shows and come back with actionable takeaways. She did all of this because she wanted me to grow, to learn, to strive for more. And, I did. I started off as a finance-turned-marketing noob and became a marketing leader with a team of my own. I even eventually took the leap to business owner all thanks to ongoing learning and hard work. I could never thank her enough for the emphasis that she put on education.

Sometimes it takes a leader to show you how to incorporate ongoing education in your career and when they do - it will leave a lasting impression. Josh Roush, Co-Founder & Principal of Movetic - a full-service brand strategy & digital agency - is one of those leaders who puts education and people first. This emphasis has left a huge impact on his team, their output, as well as the community of marketers, designers, and creators that interact with him.

The day that I spoke with the Movetic leader, he had a presentation planned at a local high school to teach them how to bring an idea to life through branding and marketing. This is a frequent occurrence for Josh and his team. Today, he has another presentation planned for fellow designers at the Art Institute of San Diego. Also, at the beginning of this year, he started a non-profit organization with some colleagues called Creative Beings which mashes local entrepreneurs, business professionals, and inspiring artists to "Ignite Creativity back into the Universe," through one-of-a-kind events meant to inspire individuals on the power of design and creativity. Giving back through education lies at the core of who he is and what Movetic stands for.

The Movetic Origin

Movetic started from Josh’s passion for helping people and companies take their idea, business, or company to the next level.

Working for and with several agencies, start-ups, non-profits, and larger companies such Hewlett-Packard, Reef & FSC Paper, he noticed an operational challenge that impacted the way agencies provided service as well as the speed of which solutions were delivered. With digital making a bold impact on culture, commerce, and relationships, companies today need to find nimble, creative, and passionate leaders focused on aligning business objectives with the services they offer – or they risk being lost in a sea of competition.

Having that intuition, Movetic was formed to provide clients with modern day solutions aimed at connecting brands to the younger audiences with solutions that move the needle. Not to mention, the nimbleness paired with multi-industry experience enables all brands, small and large, personalized strategies at a faster pace.

This and other challenges encouraged Josh to form Movetic as a passionate, personal, and millennial minded firm meant to solve business problems using progressive solutions.


The Movetic Process

At the start of a new project, Movetic puts their business hats on where they become chameleons eager and excited to learn about the client’s goals, opportunities, and areas for business growth. By focusing on brand strategy first they are able to dig deep into industry insight while identifying true areas of improvement for each client and each employee – building a stronger and more unified organization.

1. Who is the target user?

Through brand development one specific deliverable, persona development, we are able to help identify and outline client’s key users – likes, interests, key behaviors and much more. By honing in on their target market, each company has the ability to connect and deliver personalized messages and experiences to the individuals who relate, find value, and fit their ideal customer.

2. What’s the sales model and how is success measured?

Through sitting down with their management, sales, operations, and marketing team, they take the time to learn about their existing sales process and what challenges they are currently facing. Leveraging technology and design, Movetic is able to create a customized plan that measures up to their business goals. These goals range from an increase in market awareness, lead generation, and operational efficiency – this is unique to each client and their needs.

3. What does the market look like and how does the company stack up against key competitors is a pivotal talking point at the beginning, how does your team do it?

Through leveraging research, analyzing online customer behavior, talking with employees, and speaking with existing and past clients they gather a great deal of information meant to spark ideas, start conversations and above else, uncover their unique story. In today’s day and age, the only way to stand out in a competitive market is to be you. Saying you are the best, have the highest quality product, etc. is not enough these days – people want transparency from brands they like. They want to align with companies that share similar values – those defining elements is what Movetic loves to do!!

After that is established, Movetic then builds out marketing campaigns, branded content pieces, and experiences that match client business, marketing, and sales goals.

The Movetic Team

As a massive added bonus, all clients get access to the entire Movetic team. There are no layers. This gives each client the personal attention of the entire company. Josh joked that he often texts back and forth with his clients on everything from how they are doing to milestone deliverables.

The team is passionate and energetic, which largely stems from their love of what they do. They invest in ongoing education to identify new ways to service client needs. The combination of education and passion has resulted in expert campaigns such as “Reimagining Heights” for the Dew Tour by Mountain Dew which resulted in 12 million impressions, 150,000 interactions, and 107 athletes promoted. See below for a sample of their creative and digital work, which resulted to 2 Silver ADDY Awards (American Advertising Awards) in 2017.


Rethink Real Estate

One global client, formally known as Brady & Co. Auctions, experienced this expertise and passion directly. They were an Australian company trying to compete in the US market. Through developing a strategy, creating the appropriate brand touch points, building out an entire digital platform as well as marketing and sales tools – they were able to make an impression that is still pushing forward hard today. Through working together over the past 2 and a half years they have led to 500% growth rate and ultimately an acquisition by Harcourts Auctions. Not to mention their website has grown from 100 viewers a month to around 6,000 – 7,000 viewers a month.


You can check out what Movetic has to offer on their Oodi Store. Sign up for free to get started on your next brand development, content development, or web development project today.