Dear Marketer,

I know you are busy but I'm writing to tell you that you need to add one more thing to your plate. You can handle it, right? You don't have to eat lunch or get home on time, right? Great! Well, that one thing is Search Engine Optimization and I want our website to show up on the first page across all of these keywords. Let's check in next week to see your progress.


I know what you are's time to quit. We all have those moments but don't give up yet. Take some deep breaths and let's get to work on that SEO plan. SEO can easily be a full-time job and if you've been tasked to take it on yourself then you have a couple of options.

Tackling Search Engine Optimization

  1. Set Aside 5 Hours per Week: Start with a stacked approach by prioritizing the low-hanging fruit before diving into more complex SEO initiatives. I recently spoke about a three-phased approach you can take. Access the recorded webinar here.


  1. Partner with an Expert: Consider a Search Engine Optimization agency who is able to stay up to date on the latest SEO best practices and can quickly implement updates. This is Oodi's area of expertise. Check out SEO packages from our digital agencies.

  2. Hire help: If you are dedicated to SEO performance, then perhaps it's time to invest in long-term support. Hire an in-house employee. Here's a short job description template to get started.