Turnaround Time - How Fast?

When you are in the market for a professional video about your brand, product, or staff, you likely already know how critical it is to invest in a video production company. Video production companies are able to craft high-value productions to represent your brand in the most positive way possible. However, not all are equal. When deciding who to hire here are some tips from Industry Director/Producer Jonathan Weiner:

  • The process: How do they approach video production? Have they established a process that they know will work well and be cost-effective?
  • Past examples: What videos have they done for competitors? Do the look and feel of the videos match your brand's personality?
  • ROI: What kind of return have they driven for other businesses? If the agency can't speak to their client's ROI, it may be an indicator that ROI isn't a priority for them. Find an agency that knows their client's return.
  • Most importantly, Turnaround time: How quickly can they turn around your new video? Why is this the most important? Getting your product released in the marketplace quickly is a big deal if you want to see a fast return. Some VP companies only take 48 hours post-production to send your video, while others can take up to 3 months to deliver. Get to know the agency's turnaround estimates in your discovery sessions. This will help you choose the one that fits within your time frames.